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PSA Board Strategy Day Update

Last week your new Board met in Melbourne to clearly define the strategy and plans for the future of the association. Winston Marsh CSP, representing the Past National Presidents, was also part of our strategy day.

Your 2017 PSA Board comprises:

The Executive:

  • Warwick Merry CSP – President, Director & Chair
  • Tarran Deane – Vice President & Director
  • Brian Waring – Treasurer | Acting Secretary


  • Donna Hanson CSP
  • Tony Eades
  • Russell Pearson
  • John Driscoll CSP


We agreed on a commitment to introduce a Communications Protocol providing you, our community within 2 business days following each PSA Board Meeting or Planning Event, an update of outcomes, projects or matters arising that will impact you and that’s
the purpose of this document


Strategic Planning Day Outcomes

The Strategic Planning of the Organisation is a big task and one we are all committed to. In our 8 hours together, we discussed a range of elements with a key focus on our:

  • Constitutional aims and objectives,
  • Our responsibilities as Directors to ensure the sound financial positioning of the organisation,
  • The work completed by previous boards, and
  • Our shared unwavering commitment to the Professional Speaking Industry and our community.


There are six key areas emerging from our Strategic Planning Session for you to be aware of:

  1. Timing: Changes to the Implementation of the revised Membership Levels
  2. Transition Support: Additional Learning & Development
  3. Enhanced Communication: Internal & External
  4. Growth – Industry Partnership Initiatives & New Member Attraction Strategies
  5. Engagement – Platform Professionals
  6. What’s Next


Timing: Implementation of the Membership Level Changes [relevant to Affiliate and Provisional Members]

The most significant outcome is a review of the timing of changes to membership level. You have told us and we have listened to your feedback that the original transition time horizon has not been adequately supported with learning and development pathways to assist you to achieve those new membership standards.

So that we do not compromise any affiliate or provisional members ability to reach that level we will be moving to amend the timeline for the transition to be extended to a date no earlier than 1 January 2019. It means that your current financial membership and benefits with the Association will continue unaltered and in no way be jeopardised.

Updating the Constitution to Reflect This Change

To effect this change in timing we will be arranging a Special General Meeting in the coming months of which you will receive notification as per our constitution. This will be to update the Constitution to reflect the shift in DATE implementation.


Transition Support from Affiliate or Provisional to Member

Many of the chapters have created meet-ups and sessions to support those moving into the Member level of accreditation. To support this we will be running regular online sessions (that will be recorded) that address key elements of the speaking industry and your speaking business. These will also include Q&A session so you get all the information that you need to support you in your journey to Member.

The first one will be held in May covering the step-by-step process you need to follow to achieve Member accreditation. Communications will be via email and social media once details are confirmed.


Communication Approach | Internal & External

As part of improving our communication with those inside, as well as outside, our association, we will be implementing a communication program. This is a delicate balance of ensuring your have information of what is happening within our association without overloading your inbox and other channels.

This communication will include:

  • Chapter Event & National Roadshow Notifications
  • President Newsletter
  • Board Updates
  • Agreed Communication Protocols Between each State Chapter and Head Office

We will also be working to increase the public face of PSA as we represent our industry in mainstream media and other platforms.


Growth: Industry Partners & New Member Attraction

We will continue to grow our range of industry partners to help make running your business easier and more cost effective.

We are currently considering some key players and a variety of initiatives for immediate and long term results that support our Core 8 Competencies that you see on our official social media pages. We thank you for your ideas, contacts and thoughts thus far. Keep them coming via our PSA Facebook Group or contacting Warwick directly.


Growth: Platform Professional Summits for CSPs and Those Earning More Than $300,000 from Presentation Generated Revenue

The Platform Professional Summits continue to grow in popularity as well as in value. Michael McQueen CSP and Dave Staughton have done a great job building a strong foundation for us over the previous years, and we thank them for their leadership in this space

Our new Platform Professional Chair is Keith Abraham CSP. We are working with him to expand the value of Platform Professionals to the entire industry and to continue attract new platform professionals to our association.


What’s Next

We are also working on some other initiatives. But we need to add some substance to them to ensure they are viable before we communicate them with you.

The overriding feeling coming out of the strategy day is that we are all very excited and enthused about PSA’s future and the opportunities available to ALL levels of membership, as they look today..

Our focus is to continue to provide fellowship, support, education and representation for you within the Australian speaking industry.

We welcome any ideas, thoughts or feedback you may have about our association and what we can do to support you better.

Thanks for being part of the Professional Speakers Australia community!

Warm regards

Warwick Merry
2017 PSA President

PS This document is available here as a PDF should you need it

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