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September Board Notes

September Board Meeting

The key items were:

  • Financial Position: We are in a good strong position and due diligence is being exercised. We are able to pay debts as they fall due.
  • Marketing Plan: The response to Many Faces of PSA has been great. Once entries close, the panel will create a shortlist for the next phase of marketing the Many Faces of PSA.
  • Company Secretary: With great delight, we welcome Manpreet Singh to the board as our new company secretary. A big thank you to Brian Waring for being our Acting Secretary for the last six months. Manpreet is a lawyer based in Melbourne with a specialty in copyright law. She will be present at our Special General Meeting and at the Annual General Meeting in March. Please be sure to introduce yourself to her.
  • Constitution Change: The Special General Meeting will be held on Monday 16th October at the Bridge Hotel 642 Bridge Road Richmond. It is being held with the intent to change the removal date of the Affiliate class of member from 1 January 208 to 1 January 2019. This will give Affiliates more time to achieve requirements for the Member category.
    If you are a CSP, Member or Provisional member and cannot join us at the Special General Meeting, please complete the proxy form at the back of this Notice of Special General Meeting and return it to the office as soon as possible. 
  • Convention: The Convention is closer to being finalised. First draft of some marketing collateral was shown to the board. We are excited about some of the events that will be happening at Convention as well as in the lead up to convention. Keep an eye on the Facebook group and the convention website for the latest updates (and register if you haven’t already!) 
  • eSpeakers Spring Clean: There has been some great conversation regarding eSpeakers. The video calls with Joe from eSpeakers have given more clarity and a better understanding on how to take advantage of the power of eSpeakers. The winners of the prizes worth approximately AUD$1,500 will be announced in October. 
  • APRA Licensing: As mentioned on the Facebook page, your current membership does NOT include any music licensing by APRA. We are currently in discussions with them to try and arrange a special PSA deal. Until that is finalised, please contact the APRA Business Licensing Representative Pheonuh Callan via email


This covers the key points coming from our board meeting. As always, we welcome any ideas, thoughts or feedback you may have about our association and what we can do to support you better.


As a reminder, your 2017 PSA Board comprises:


The Executive:

Warwick Merry CSP – President, Director & Chair

Tarran Deane – Vice President & Director

Brian Waring – Treasurer



Donna Hanson CSP

Tony Eades

Russell Pearson

John Driscoll CSP


Company Secretary

Manpreet Singh



Thanks for being part of the Professional Speakers Australia community!

Warm regards


Warwick Merry

2017 PSA President

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