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January Meeting Notes

January Board Meeting

The key items were:

  • Financial Position: We are in a good position and are excercising due diligence with our finances. We are able to pay debts as they fall due.
  • Marketing: In the next month we commence a paid social media presence promoting PSA and our Convention to those people that identify themselves as speakers. This will boost attendance at convention, promote our brand to speakers who may not have heard of us and attract new Members.
  • Convention: The Convention registrations are strong. The program is almost finalised. Visit for more details or to register if you haven’t already.We have released a bonus pack worth over $1,000 for people who attend both the Global Speakers Summit and the PSA Convention. Early feedback on this has been great.
  • Platform Professionals 2018: The dates for this year have been finalised including the multi-day retreat. The next Platform Professionals Summit is on the Friday of the convention.
  • Frank Furness Workshops: On the first day of release three long time CSPs have registered for the Frank Furness workshop. No doubt they have seen him before and know the value of his work. The venues have now been finalised and will be included in the booking information. Visit the website events for more details.
  • Board Succession Planning: Applications of Interest have been opened for the 2018 Board. There are three positions available. If you are interested, send a one page application to detailing the value you would bring to the board.
  • PSA Code of Conduct: During 2016, the current version of our Complaint Policy and Procedure and our Code of Professional Conduct were updated. To become part of this organisation, each person has to agree to abide by our Code of Professional Conduct. During the week these were given a high level review and deemed to still meet our needs. We would encourage you to read these documents again and be sure you are familiar with them.

This covers the key points coming from our board meeting. As always, we welcome any ideas, thoughts or feedback you may have about our association and what we can do to support you better.


As a reminder, your 2017 PSA Board comprises:


The Executive:

Warwick Merry CSP – President, Director & Chair

Tarran Deane – Vice President & Director

Brian Waring – Treasurer



Donna Hanson CSP

Tony Eades

Russell Pearson

John Driscoll CSP


Company Secretary

Manpreet Singh



Thanks for being part of the Professional Speakers Australia community!

Warm regards


Warwick Merry

2017 PSA President

2018 Team Announcement

2018 Team Announcement

  Happy New Year! As the dawn of the new year breaks, I am thrilled to announce the members for 2018 PSA Board and Executive. As you are most likely aware, following the 2018 convention, Tarran Deane will be taking over as PSA President. I believe our future is in very good hands. Tarran has… Continue Reading

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