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February Meeting Notes

February Board Meeting

The key items were:

  • Financial Position: We are in a good position and are exercising due diligence with our finances. We are able to pay debts as they fall due.
  • Marketing: We have been holding a HashTag-a-thon to promote the convention and PSA as well as some significant social media advertising. This will boost attendance at convention, promote our brand to speakers who may not have heard of us and attract new Members.
  • Convention: The Convention registrations are strong. The program has been finalised. The awards have been finalised. We are all ready to go! Visit for more details or to register if you haven’t already.Planning for 2019 Convention has begun. A location has been finalised as has the Chair of the Convention Committee.
  • Platform Professionals 2018: The dates for this year have been finalised including the multi-day retreat. The next Platform Professionals Summit is on the Friday of the convention.
  • Frank Furness Workshops: These workshops were a great success. The people who attended got great value out of it.
  • Board Succession Planning: Applications of Interest have been received for the 2018 Board. There are four positions available. If you are interested, send a one page application to detailing the value you would bring to the board.
  • Chapter Stock Take: The chapters have been updating a master document on PSA assets for better asset tracking. This has also exposed some assets that no longer work and need to be replace.
  • APRA Licensing: In conversations with our contact at APRA, they have agreed that speakers come under Tier 1 of a General Business Licence. This means that our license to play music as part of our workshops, keynotes and events that are NOT recorded are either:
    1) $132.43* per annum for public performance using 1 device       (ie: CD Playing)
    2)   $291.31* per annum for public performance AND making of playlists/or use of streaming services. *inclusive of GST
    To get your APRA license, contact Rusty Wallis at APRA
  • CSP Emeritous: Our constitution allows for a CSP Emeritus class of membership. That is, a CSP who has retired from speaking but still wishes to remain part of PSA and use the CSP post nominal. Some additional processes were created around notification of eligibility. These will be implemented with the consultation of the office team.
  • Thanks You: Donna Hanson CSP has reached the end of her three year term as director. John Driscoll CSP has resigned as a director. Brian Waring has resigned as treasurer. Warwick Merry CSP has reached the end of his term as PSA President and director. This was the final board meeting for their current term. Accordingly, they were all thanked for their service.


This covers the key points coming from our board meeting. As always, we welcome any ideas, thoughts or feedback you may have about our association and what we can do to support you better.


As a reminder, your 2017 PSA Board comprised of:


The Executive:

Warwick Merry CSP – President, Director & Chair

Tarran Deane – Vice President & Director

Brian Waring – Treasurer



Donna Hanson CSP

Tony Eades

Russell Pearson

John Driscoll CSP


Company Secretary

Manpreet Singh



Thanks for being part of the Professional Speakers Australia community!

Warm regards


Warwick Merry

2017 PSA President

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