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September 2018 PSA Board Meeting Notes

September 2018 PSA Board Meeting Notes

September Board Meeting
Held: Thursday 27th September 2018
Standard Frequency: 4th Thursday of Month
Location: Virtual Meeting
President: Tarran Deane

The key items were:

  • Board Vacancies: We’re delighted to welcome Chinmay Ananda to the Board as Treasurer. Chinmay is a past Kerrie Nairn Scholar Recipient. You can view Chinmay’s Board Profile right here


  • Financial Position: We are in a good position and are exercising due diligence with our finances. We are able to pay debts as they fall due. The introduction of the BOOST! Coaching Program has been a pivotal member benefit, providing a strategic economic return for PSA.


  • #PSAConvention19: Pre-Convention momentum is building with the exciting program being designed by #PSAConvention19 Convenor and Keynote Speaker of the Year Amanda Stevens CSP.Recent site visit as a result of the Winter Retreat “Platform Professionals” Event confirmed high level of satisfaction by delegates of the venue and amenities.- Convention Pre & Post Workshop Days are being Finalised by Amanda Stevens during September 2018
    – Platform Professionals ™ Convention Stream – work will begin on development of this during September and October
    *Note: Pre (FRIDAY) & Post (MONDAY) Convention Workshops require additional registration. There are two streams on the Friday:

    1. General  Delegates 2. Platform Professionals ™ eligible delegates, which is held as a concurrent session on Fridays 

    Accommodation: PSA has agreed to a number of room nights as part of the #PSAConvention19 package. This ensures direct service and support via own Conference and Event Manager at Peppers Salt Resort.- Contact the PSA office for your unique booking code, once you have completed your convention registration form

    Register: Visit our website for more details and to register

    Sponsorship Packs: 
    are currently being finalised by our Sponsorship Coordinator Brett Dashwood with some exciting opportunities emerging that capture our “You are the MESSAGE!” theme


Meeting Notes Aligning with Our Core 8 Competencies as They Apply to the Business of PSA 

  1. Professional Awareness
    Service Succession Planning at State Chapter level is a focus and we welcome your expressions of interest in serving. Please liaise with your Chapter President and Chapter Leadership team to find out how you may be able to help right now and into the future.
  2. Professional Relationships
    GSF: Work continues on the global CSP Harmonisation project
    Strategic Partnerships: We currently receiving enquiries from potential strategic partners and in regular conversations as we head towards December 2018.
    Media Appearances: Tarran Deane was featured in Coaching Life Magazine discussing her entry into Professional Speaking and how coaching as a business line item. Read the article here:
  3. Topic Development – 
    Chapter Event Program:
     well done to all Chapters on a good August of events. Results for September will be revied in October. National roadshows sit outside the Chapter income and expenses
    Chapter Event Pricing: the focus is on achieving consistent event pricing around the country in line with our members joining the whole organisation vs. one chapter. SA is tracking towards that well.

    What Happened During August Beyond the Chapter Events:
    – August 2018: Platform Professionals ™ Kingscliff, convened by Keith Abraham CSP was an outstanding success. Many thanks Keith, Donna Hanson CSP, Scott Williams MC and all our generous presenters!-  September 2018 National Roadshow by Ian Stephens CSP focusing on Sales and Marketing. This Roadshow was in addition to monthly Chapter events and was widely attended. Keep watching for the latest updates on the Events Calendar as they’re uploaded

    We also received considerable interest for Intake #02 of our PSA BOOST! Coaching Program. Numbers will be confirmed in October Board Meeting Notes, following completion of qualifying interviews by theBOOST! Coaching Program Convenor Ian Stephens CSP

    Guest Speakers & PSA Non Pitch Environments: we are revisiting the integrity of our Chapter Events as “No Pitch” environments for non-PSA programs after receiving CSP feedback that they are becoming ‘pitch fests’. We’d love to hear your feedback. Send us your comments to  subject line #eventfeedback

  4. Platform Mechanicscontinuing towards focus of CSP and Professional Member level Chapter contributors
  5. Presenting & Performing – ongoingGetting to Professional Member (PM) Webinars – thank you Warwick Merry for your ongoing commitment to our PSA Provisional Members and Affiliates as we track towards the year-end and the consolidation of the change from our 4 tier to our 2 tiered membership
  6. Authorship & Development – ongoing
    Protecting PSA intellectual property is a key focus with a special project commenced during August.
  7. Sales & Marketing – PSA Market Penetration | 
    Reviewed June EoFY social media promotional results for PSAConvention19
    Ratified next steps for Many Faces of PSA campaign
    Confirmed progress of website

    BOOST! Coaching Program: 
     Intake #01 wraps up on September 30! This is such a fantastic Coaching Program for Professional Members – and CSPs If you’d like to join the September/October Intake #02 you can learn more about BOOST! right here and increase your sales!
  8. Managing the Business
    We’re tracking well and continue to liaise closely with our fabulous office team, Tuesday – Thursday 9am-3pm.

Other Business

3 Directors attended Platform Professionals in Kingscliff and we individually caught up with some of our CSPs, Chapter Presidents and delegates at the event.

Items discussed included:

  • CSP Emeritus discussions and the refining of the process surrounding CSP Emeritus application was carried. Details of this shall be uploaded to the PSA website in due course. The President October Newsletter via email will provide additional coverage. This carries over from the consultation process and working group input surrounding the Transitioning to Retirement of CSPs, retention of CSP knowledge, current feedback received and updates on a Discussion Paper submitted by Lindsay Adams CSP and Anne Riches CSP, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, the formation of the virtual working group under Michelle Bowden CSPs coordination and next steps
  • Chapter President communications and updates and the standing ZOOM Video Calls being held with the National President
  • Platform Professionals ™ next season Convenor opportunities

  • Development of the Chapter Operations Manual by the National President will be completed in October 2018
  • Focus of October & November  | Onboarding of the Company Treasurer and working towards 2018 financial review and preparation of 2019 budgets ahead of the March 23rd, 2019 AGM


As always, we welcome any ideas, thoughts or feedback you may have about our association and what we can do to support you better. If you’d like to lodge a Board Discussion Paper for our Agenda, please obtain the template from Margaret and lodge with her at Head Office, no later than the 3rd Wednesday of the month, to enable circulation with our Board Pack to Directors which goes out shortly after that.


Thanks for being part of the Professional Speakers Australia community!

Warm regards





Tarran Deane

2018 PSA National President & Chairman of the Board

You are the MESSAGE Tarran Deane . Register now for










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As a reminder, your 2018 PSA Board are comprised of:

The Executive:

Tarran Deane – National President | Chair | Director

Russell Pearson – Vice President | Director

Chinmay Ananda – Treasurer Appointed September 2018


Tony Eades –  also serving in Interim Executive Role

Peter Merrett

Michelle Bowden CSP


Company Secretary

Manpreet Singh

August 2018 PSA Board Meeting Notes

August 2018 PSA Board Meeting Notes

August Board Meeting Held: Thursday 23rd August 2018 Standard Frequency: 4th Thursday of Month Location: Virtual Meeting VIA: President: Tarran Deane The key items were: Board Vacancies: The full Board, inclusive of executive committee Tarran Deane, Russell Pearson and Tony Eades, have confirmed the candidate proceeding to interview during last week of August and… Continue Reading

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