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August Board Meeting Notes

As part of our continuing communication program, we will be issuing you with Board Meetings notes following the monthly Board Meeting.

August Board Meeting

The key items were:

  • Financial Position: We are in a good strong position and due diligence is being exercised. We are able to pay debts as they fall due.
  • Marketing Plan: A fresh new marketing plan is about to be unleashed! Keep your eye out on our Facebook group and our monthly newsletter when it will be announced. We are investing significant effort in getting our brand out into the marketplace as well as using this to let experienced speakers know about Convention and the Platform Professional Summits.
  • Company Secretary: We have a shortlist for our Company Secretary and believe that we will have one by the next board meeting. Thanks to everyone who gave us suggestions and recommendations of people or where to find the right kind of people.
  • Constitution Change: The Special General Meeting we mentioned last month has been moved to October to ensure we have enough time to meet the appropriate requirements. The notice for this meeting should go out within the next month. 
  • Platform Professionals Summit: A very successful Platform Professionals Summit was held in Sydney this month. It was sold out! So many of the CSPs expressed how valuable the day was to their business. Keith Abraham CSP pulled together a fantastic range of presenters. We are now excited about the next one happening in Melbourne in November! 
  • Convention: Plans for convention are proceeding. The marketing referred to earlier will announce some of the key speakers and channels within convention. High level planning has also commenced for 2019 and 2020 convention. 
  • Book More Business: Coming in October, Past NSA President Shep Hyken CSP’s assistant, Lois Creamer will be hosting an online session on How to Book More Business. She has worked with many speakers in the USA showing them simple processes that bring in big business. More detail to follow.

This covers the key points coming from our board meeting. As always, we welcome any ideas, thoughts or feedback you may have about our association and what we can do to support you better.

As a reminder, your 2017 PSA Board comprises:

The Executive:

Warwick Merry CSP – President, Director & Chair

Tarran Deane – Vice President & Director –

Brian Waring – Treasurer | Acting Secretary


Donna Hanson CSP

Tony Eades

Russell Pearson

John Driscoll CSP


Thanks for being part of the Professional Speakers Australia community!

Warm regards


Warwick Merry

2017 PSA President

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