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November 2018 PSA Board Meeting Notes

November 2018 PSA Board Meeting Notes

November Board Meeting
Held: Thursday 15th November 2018
Standard Frequency: 4th Thursday of Month
Location: Face to Face
: Sydney
President: Tarran Deane

This is the Annual November Face to Face Board Meeting that takes place on the morning of the Chapter President review and onboarding afternoon session. All Directors travel to one location to go through the year in review and financial and strategic planning for the year ahead.

The standard items were:

  • Board Vacancies: Succession Planning is on our minds as we head towards 2019 March AGM and we are currently seeking expressions of interest from CSPs and Professional Members. Please direct your enquiry to Russell Pearson, National vice-President via Margaret and she will forward to Russell.
  • Financial Position: We are able to pay debts as they fall due and are in a strong financial position. The introduction of the BOOST! Coaching Program has been a pivotal member benefit for 12 new participants and provides a strategic economic return for PSA.
  • Treasurer Chinmay Ananda has been working closely with our Head Office team and executive office bearers to understand the many programs offered by PSA. His focus this Board Meeting was two-fold: prepare financial reports for the year to date, and develop a comprehensive draft budget and forecast for 2019, state by state and overall.

 “All affiliates and provisional members reverting to ‘non-member’ status from January 1st, 2019 along with Visitors and Guests, continue to be welcome to register for the Chapter events and Annual Convention,  and glean from the extraordinary value and expert knowledge shared at these events!” ~ PSA Board 2018

  • #PSAConvention19: Key Milestones
    – Standard Early Bird Registrations close 2018.11.30
    – Website is live:

    Sponsorship Packs: 
    are currently being finalised by our Sponsorship Coordinator Brett Dashwood with some exciting opportunities emerging that capture our “You are the MESSAGE!” theme
  • Platform Professionals ™ being hosted Friday 2018.11.16 Register: Visit our website for more details and to register

Meeting Notes Aligning with Our Core 8 Competencies as They Apply to the Business of PSA 

  • Professional Awareness
    Service Succession Planning at State Chapter Presidents have been confirmed by the Board as new and/or continuing. Onboarding and induction of the new Chapter Presidents takes place post Board Meeting.
  • Professional Relationships
    GSF: It was noted that GSF member country “NSA” was doing an outreach campaign to encourage dual membership of their association in order for other country members to access association benefits, such as ZOOM Video Conferencing. PSA Confirm we are in separate negotiation with ZOOM at this time and have just received a proposal in writing that will be considered on it’s member benefit and economic sustainability for PSA.
    Strategic Partnerships: PSA Board have endorsed TWO additional Strategic Partnerships which will be announced in coming weeks, once details and Agreements have been executed.
    Media Appearances: nil during October 2018
  • Topic Development – 
    Chapter Event Program:
     The Board reviewed the print copy  of the new “Chapter Operations Manual  – National Standard ©” approved during the October 2018 Board Meeting.If you would like to see the “Chapter Operations Manual – National Standard ©” PDF, please liaise with your Chapter President on their return from the planned November 15th Board Meeting in Sydney, where they will receive a printed copy for their reference into 2019. Note. this is a ‘living document’ and is impacted by version control. No other print copies are allowed in order to maintain version control integrity.Financial Results for October were reviewed in November with thanks to Chinmay. In our same day post-Board Meeting workshop with the Chapter Presidents, we will be running through all the nuances of the state chapter operations and empowering the existing and incoming Chapter Presidents with more information to enjoy their roles and shepherd the members and economic performance of their events.

  • Platform Mechanicscontinuing towards the focus of CSP and Professional Member level Chapter contributors
  • Presenting & Performing – ongoing Getting to Professional Member (PM) Webinars – thank you Warwick Merry for your ongoing commitment to our PSA Provisional Members and Affiliates as we track towards the year-end and the consolidation of the change from our 4 tier to our 2 tiered membership
    Reaffirmed visitors and guests including those who will be immediate past affiliates and provisional members, will always be welcome at the Chapter events and the annual convention January 1st, 2019 onwards.
  • Authorship & Development – ongoing
    We have received confirmation of the successful trademark application for Platform Professionals™. Once it is through the final stages of approval, you will see:
    – Platform Professionals ™ change to

    – Platform Professionals ®

    Until such time as further advised, if you are referencing this program please refer to it in its entirety by including the TM after the words:  Platform Professionals ™

    We continue the process of other trademark applications with our PSA Strategic Partner, POD Legal.

  • Sales & Marketing – PSA Market Penetration | Convention Registrations

    – We saw the first ambassador video of the Many Faces of PSA campaign. The campaign will be launched AT #PSAConvention19were confirmed by the Board and will be notified during over the next 2 weeks by Margaret, at Head Office. Tony Eades on behalf of the PSABoard is overseeing this project.- Standard Early Bird #PSAConvention19 closes 30 November 2018
  • Managing the Business
    ASIC and ABR updates are current as at November 14, 2018
    We’re tracking well and continue to liaise closely with our fabulous office team, Tuesday – Thursday 9am-3pm.

Other Business

  • CSP Emeritus – process paperwork delays getting up online due to workload.
  • Chapter President communications and updates and the standing ZOOM Video Calls being held with the National President will not be held pre – Christmas or in January due to Summer holidays.
  • Focus: November  | Company Treasurer – YTD 2018 financial review and preparation of 2018 AGM documents, liaison with the Auditor office ahead of the AGM March 23rd, 2019 AGM

As always, we welcome any ideas, thoughts or feedback you may have about our association and what we can do to support you better. If you’d like to lodge a Board Discussion Paper for our Agenda, please obtain the template from Margaret and lodge with her at Head Office, no later than the 3rd Wednesday of the month, to enable circulation with our Board Pack to Directors which goes out shortly after that.


POST BOARD Meeting | Annual Chapter President Review and Induction

PSA Chapter Presidents 2018 & 2019
“All the 2018 and 2019 Chapter Presidents joined us in Sydney for the Annual November 15th joint meeting with the PSA Board. We covered the  year in review, and on this occasion launched the hard copy Chapter Operations Manual, that provides key Guidelines for performance for volunteers and service delivery to our members and guest speakers around the country,” Tarran Deane 2018 National President



As the year draws to a close we thank our strategic alliance partners for their support throughout 2018 and invite you, our members to demonstrate your warm appreciation of their service offerings.

PSA Strategic Alliance Partners - Logo Banner for Powerpoint

To each of you, members and guests, partners and professionals who are coming to know us, thanks for being part of the Professional Speakers Australia community!

Warm regards






Tarran Deane

2018 PSA National President & Chairman of the Board

You are the MESSAGE Tarran Deane . Register now for







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As a reminder, your 2018 PSA Board are comprised of:

The Executive:

  • Tarran Deane – National President | Chair | Director
  • Russell Pearson – Vice President | Director
  • Chinmay Ananda – Treasurer


  • Tony Eades
  • Peter Merrett
  • Michelle Bowden CSP
  • Vacant

Company Secretary

  • Manpreet Singh

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