Speaking Member Accreditation

Interested in being accredited to Speaking Member status?

Speaking Member Designation

Please ensure your application uses current forms. Applications using superseded forms will need to be re-submitted using current forms.

If you have any queries about any aspect of the process please email them to the National Office, admin@professionalspeakers.org.au, who will forward them on to the person who can answer.

The PSA office staff cannot answer questions about accreditation beyond whether your application has been received and whether payment has been cleared.

Applications normally take 1 – 2 months to process.

Phone: 1300 739 993 or 03 9844 5511 | admin@professionalspeakers.org.au | P.O. Box 448 Warrandyte, Victoria, 3113 | Fax: 1300 766 673

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