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Report – National Business Events Strategy 2020

Professional Speakers are Part of the Vibrant Conference, Business Events and Meetings Sector within Australia and Around the World. Are You Leading Your Speaking Business Effectively?

It’s incumbent upon us as entrepreneurs with a message, to:

  1. understand what’s impacting the Australian Market
  2. so you can be innovative in a disruptive climate


Check out the Executive Summary from National Business Events Strategy 2020 Document and decide on the action you will take.



PSA _ bes_ex_summary_nov08


Are you as prepared as you can be to take your stage and leverage a thriving speaking business? Perhaps it’s the perfect time to find out more about BOOST! Coaching Program brought to you by Professional Speakers Australia.

With a clear focus on sales & marketing, BOOST! is a group coaching model, delivered in a virtual format. Rich with resources, insights and challenges, it is designed for Professional Members and CSPs. It is not for new or emerging speakers who are yet to firmly establish their speaking business.

To learn more and have a complimentary conversation with our BOOST! Convenor, please complete the form below and our Convenor will review your information and reach out to schedule a call.


PSA BOOST Application

  • Go into the future 12 months and describe what you have achieved, and how things have changed compared to now?
  • Please indicate if you prefer phone calls, emails, Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Please indicate if your lead preference is visual, auditory or kinesthetic. Not critical that you get this right.
  • Is there anything else you think we need to know?
  • When are a couple of windows in your calendar in the next 7 days that would work for the BOOST! Convenor to call and discuss your application?

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