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Our Core Competencies


Professional speakers maintain awareness of current business and market trends, including evolving audience profiles, and best practice to deliver exceptional experiences. They achieve this through research, translating and synthesising economic, technological, and geographical trends and emerging capabilities to grow a business and effectively communicate current, relevant content.


Professional speakers build and sustain professional business and network relationships with integrity and respect. These relationships include industry peers, speaker bookers, meeting organisers, support staff, stakeholders, media and clients. In all dealings, professional speakers are truthful and forthright in their communications and act ethically in their business transactions and performance.


Professional speakers demonstrate expert knowledge, critical and diverse thinking and relevance through their capability to produce and curate valid content. They select, research, develop, and protect valid and original work. In addition, they also stay on the cutting-edge of topic selection and development reflecting the latest trends and market conditions.


Professional speakers create the most appropriate environment for delivering their message. This is achieved by preparing the room or studio for maximum impact and audience experience with consideration to backdrops, props, room setup for live events, an appropriate platform for virtual or hybrid events, technology and support staff.


Professional speakers master the art of communication for positive impact on the communities they serve. They engage their audience through powerful and persuasive communication in person, online or virtually. They achieve this by developing the knowledge and skills needed to effectively communicate and engage the audience. This includes word choice, structure, timing, voice inflection, movement, story-telling, and interactivity.

Product Development

Professional speakers develop relevant products from original intellectual property and thinking. These products include speaking, emceeing and training, and tangible outputs such as books, workbooks or analogue courses, and intangible outputs such as consulting, coaching, mentoring, podcasts, blogs, vlogs, videos and eLearning content.

Business Development

Professional Speakers build and maintain a brand that supports effective, professional and profitable sales. They master the skills to market and sell their products and services ethically and legally. This is achieved through creating effective sales and marketing collateral and systems, leveraging communication and social media platforms, and negotiating contracts.

Operating the Business

Professional speakers have the ability to develop and implement business strategy that ensures the successful and ongoing management of their speaking business. They understand and comply with their legal and fiduciary requirements in addition to mitigating risk. They have a clear business model that guides their business lifecycle and acumen in strategic planning, technology, financial literacy and planning. They manage the lifecycle of their business through all economic conditions.

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PSA Board

The PSA Board is the voluntary governing team committed to advancing the impact and effectiveness of the organisation.

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Our History

For more than 35 years, Professional Speakers Australia has gathered, up-skilled and represented Australia’s leading professional speakers. What started as two small groups meeting over drinks at the local pub has grown into a nation-wide, thriving and vibrant community.

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