Member Only Benefits

Professional Speakers Australia is dedicated to supporting professional speakers in the development of their speaking craft and business.  Below is a list of benefits that PSA membership offers designed to fulfil this purpose.

Training and Resources

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Why this program?

PSA are excited to bring this program to you in 2025! Be sure to complete our expression of interest form on the brochure in the LEARN MORE button below

As a Professional Member of PSA you are on your way. You’re getting speaking gigs, you’re delivering value, and you’re getting paid. But is it enough? And is it consistent?

Maybe you’re facing some of the classic challenges of growing a speaker business and you’re asking yourself:

  • What do I want to be known for in my market?
  • How can I narrow down my offerings?
  • How do I find my ideal clients/stages/audiences?
  • How can I earn higher fees?
  • How can I generate consistent revenue?
  • What sales and marketing activities should I focus on?
  • How can I keep myself on track towards my goals?
  • How can I scale my speaking business?

What’s involved?

Click the button below to download the Accelerate 2025 program brochure to learn more and complete your expression of interest.*

*Note – prices for the 2025 Accelerate Program are subject to change.
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CSP Café

Join your CSP peers for fellowship, insights, sharing and discussion. The CSP Café – a free, CSP only program – is your chance to get to know your CSP peers and get their insights into a topic, issue or challenge you’d like to unpack, explore, ponder, examine.

PSA Knowledge Bank

PSA Knowledge Bank is a member-only online platform for helping speakers realise their unique vision of success. It is PSA’s constantly growing learning and development hub and covers all elements of PSA’s 8 Core Competencies in addition to other courses and resources for running a thriving speaking business.

Insurance services

Gallagher Insurance

Since 2009 Gallagher has provided members with competitive insurance premiums and product solutions. Gallagher offers cover for a wide range of industry professionals through the insurance program, including, but not limited to; Speakers, Facilitators, Mentors/Coaches, Educators/Tutors, Lecturers, Assessors/Advisors, Human Resources Specialists, Learning and Development Professionals.

Insurance Advisernet

Advisernet also offers cover for a wide range of industry professionals through the insurance program, including but not limited to: Speakers, Facilitators, Mentors/Coaches, Educators/Tutors, Lecturers, Assessors/Advisors, Human Resources Specialists, Learning and Development Professionals.

Travel Deals

Qantas Club

Members who sign up to be a part of this member benefit, receive the following: 

– Domestic discounts on Qantas mainline destinations.
– Discounts across the Qantas international network, including codeshare partners.
– Discounts on Qantas codeshare flights with Emirates. These routes include Europe, UK, New Zealand, Middle East, Singapore and Bangkok
– 30% off the Qantas Club annual membership fee
– Up to 20% off Qantas Wine.


Bay Corporate Travel

As mentioned above, one of the Qantas stipulations to attract the discount is that the bookings are made through one of the available corporate travel agents. The Board have selected Bay Travel from Sydney. There were several reasons for this selection, with the main one being that Bay Travel do not charge a Qantas Management Fee to you as a PSA member.

Other reasons we selected Bay Corporate Travel are:

  • 35 years of experience. 
  • Access to multiple air, car and hotel deals
  • A streamlined booking process using great technology.
  • Where other people (associates or family) related to a member company are travelling, they can advise and implement a travel policy for the group. 
  • After-hours emergency service

Corporate Travel Agents do charge fees for booking, but we hope that they are adequately offset by the discounts. 

Discounted rates

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Discounted rates to PSA programs and events

Throughout the year members are invited to attend a range of events at a discounted member rate including:

Global Speakers Federation Affiliation

PSA is a member association of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF). Members can attend any GSF Member Organisation event at the member rate and have access to speaker resources on the GSF website.

It also enables you to join the Global Speakers Network that will help you build an international network of speaking colleagues.



Available Exclusively to PSA Members – your Zoom Unlimited package:

  • Zoom Webinar 500
  • Zoom Large Meetings 500
  • Unlimited Zoom cloud storage
  • Zoom Video Transcription
  • All Standard Zoom offerings

Exclusive Zoom resources courtesy of your PSA team include:

  • The Essentials of Zoom and Remote Presenting
  • Zoom Deep Dive Master Class

This offer is only available to PSA Members.

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PSA members can utilize the benefits of a JB HIFI business account in order to access discounts on certain products and ranges. 


International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) NSW

PSA are excited to announce our most recent strategic alliance partnership with International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) NSW. IABC NSW is part of a regional and global not-for-profit association, with five IABC Chapters in Australia IABC NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and Canberra. This agreement is between PSA as a national organisation and IABC NSW, with cooperation from all five IABC Chapters in Australia. 

The five Australian IABC Chapters, agree to offer PSA Members:

  • Access to state based, Australian events at IABC member rates – face-to-face, online or hybrid as relevant.

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