Member Only Benefits

Professional Speakers Australia is dedicated to supporting professional speakers in the development of their speaking craft and business.  Below is a list of benefits that PSA membership offers designed to fulfil this purpose.

Insurance services

Public Liability and Professional Indemnity

Since 2009 Gallagher has provided members with competitive insurance premiums and product solutions. Gallagher offers cover for a wide range of industry professionals through the insurance program, including, but not limited to; Speakers, Facilitators, Mentors/Coaches, Educators/Tutors, Lecturers, Assessors/Advisors, Human Resources Specialists, Learning and Development Professionals.

The Board is currently undertaking a review of this benefit and comparing it with other solutions in the market.

Training and Resources

CSP Pathway

Typically we welcome speakers as Professional Members, when they can attest that they have earned a minimum of $50,000 from speaking over the last 12 months. Within a few years, we expect them to apply for accreditation as Certified Speaking Professionals, where regardless of their location or specialist expertise, they have been able to sustain speaking revenue of $400,000 over 5 of the last 7-8 years. To support them on their business development journey, we provide an 8 month program – CSP Pathway. Led by some of Australia’s most experienced speakers with international standing, we provide videos, text action guides and group coaching on our 8 Competencies aligned with the 8 Essentials for business growth.

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Pay Less for Zoom – Zoom Unlimited Package

Available Exclusively to PSA Members – your Zoom Unlimited package:

  • Zoom Webinar 500
  • Zoom Large Meetings 500
  • Unlimited Zoom cloud storage
  • Zoom Video Transcription
  • All Standard Zoom offerings

Exclusive Zoom resources courtesy of your PSA team include:

  • The Essentials of Zoom and Remote Presenting
  • Zoom Deep Dive Master Class

Seats on the professionalspeakersaustralia Zoom train for the remainder of the year (operating through to 31 December 2023) are available now for $627 (including GST).

This offer is only available to PSA Members.

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Bizversity Business Coaching

Members are entitled to the Bizversity Business Coaching program, that gives you exclusive access to the world’s best business training, anywhere, anytime, informative tutorials and handy hints

Watch this video by Dale Beaumont to find out more about the great Bizversity offer.

Coaching Life Subscription

PSA members are entitled to receive a free Digital Edition Subscription of Coaching Life Magazine.


PSA Knowledge Bank

PSA Knowledge Bank is a member-only online platform for helping speakers realise their unique vision of success. It is PSA’s constantly growing learning and development hub and covers all elements of PSA’s 8 Core Competencies in addition to other courses and resources for running a thriving speaking business.

Discounted rates

room of people watching the stage

Discounted rates to PSA programs and events

Throughout the year members are invited to attend a range of events at a discounted member rate including:

Global Speakers Federation Affiliation

PSA is a member association of the Global Speakers Federation. Members can attend any GSF Member Organisation event at the member rate and have access to speaker resources on the GSF website.

It also enables you to join the Global Speakers Network that will help you build an international network of speaking colleagues.


ILP Reciprocated Member Rates

PSA members receive reciprocal member rates to the Institute of Learning Professionals events.

With many of our members facilitating and training, this partnership provides access to a range of resources to further support members.

Elevate Your brand


Media Stable

Media Stable is an online directory of Australian experts used widely by leading media across print, radio, TV and online.

Media Stable and the Media Board platform gives you the capability to pitch your ideas, opinions and commentary directly to over 600 journalists, editors and producers.

Media Stable is pleased to offer PSA members a 10% discount on an Expert or Premium Profile annual membership package.


Website Listing

All Professional Members and CSPs receive a complimentary listing in the PSA speaker directory on our website.

Travel Deals

Qantas Club

We are pleased to announce that PSA have established a Qantas Club Corporate Scheme. This offers our members the opportunity to access Qantas Club at reduced rates. Existing Qantas Club members are able to save $90 on their yearly Qantas Club fee, and new members also save $145 on their joining fee to Qantas Club.