Zoom Unlimited

Available Exclusively to PSA Members – your Zoom Unlimited package:

  • Zoom Webinar 500
  • Zoom Large Meetings 500
  • Unlimited Zoom cloud storage
  • Zoom Video Transcription
  • All Standard Zoom offerings

Exclusive Zoom resources courtesy of your PSA team include:

  • The Essentials of Zoom and Remote Presenting
  • Zoom Deep Dive Master Class

The final seats on the professionalspeakersaustralia Zoom train (operating through to 31 December 2021) are available now for $395 (including GST).

This offer is only available to PSA Members until 30 June 2021 or prior if sold out.

To apply, complete the form below. We will invoice you for the PSA Zoom Unlimited package as soon as possible. Upon receipt of our payment, your Zoom Unlimited account will be activated.