Speakers Academy Program

For public speakers who want to be paid professional speakers

A PSA Program that builds the foundations for your successful speaking business. Actively participate in a 12-month supported program so that you can focus on your speaking business with confidence, allowing you to achieve your speaking goals.

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For Speaking Professionals who want to work smarter, not harder.

A PSA Owned Coaching System that accelerates your Speaking Productivity & Profits. Discover how you can Leverage your Business and Skyrocket your Sales in just 6 Months. Using a proven system that leverages the missed (and costly) opportunities in your speaking business, so that you can close and convert more sales, without having to be salesy or pushy in your marketing!

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Industry Recognition


Each year the Speaking Industry’s top achievers are recognised for their expertise and contribution and are awarded at the annual PSA Convention Gala Dinner.


  • Next Level Speaking Award
  • Industry Partner of the Year
  • The Educator of the Year Award
  • Keynote Speaker of the Year Award
  • The Nevin Award for outstanding service to both Professional Speakers and the speaking profession
  • Kerrie Nairn Scholarship
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The cutting edge of the industry

Platform Professionals™

One of the great gifts we are given when you attend a PSA Platform Professionals™ Summit is the opportunity to connect with like minded people. People who get what you do, who can relate to the challenges you face as a Professional Speaker, Educator, Facilitator and Coach.

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CSP Pathway

Typically we welcome speakers as Professional Members, when they can attest that they have earned a minimum of $50,000 from speaking over the last 12 months. Within a few years, we expect them to apply for accreditation as Certified Speaking Professionals, where regardless of their location or specialist expertise, they have been able to sustain speaking revenue of $400,000 over 5 of the last 7-8 years. To support them on their business development journey, we provide an 8 month program – CSP Pathway. Led by some of Australia’s most experienced speakers with international standing, we provide videos, text action guides and group coaching on our 8 Competencies aligned with the 8 Essentials for business growth.

2023 Registrations are now closed, more info to follow soon