Step up and Shine

Speakers Academy Program

Step Up and Shine

For public speakers who want to build a business as a paid professional speaker.

A PSA Program that builds the foundations for your successful speaking business. Actively participate in a 12-month supported program so that you can focus on your speaking business with confidence, allowing you to achieve your speaking goals.

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Is this for you?

  • Starting out as a speaker it is common to look at what other speakers are achieving and wondering what it is going to take to get to that level of recognition
  • Beliefs around feeling not good enough can create hesitations when making the cold call or having the conversation that will lead to the next speaking opportunity
  • Others make it look easy and yet speaking opportunities for you, feel few and far between
Program FAQ's

The Speakers Academy Program delivers:

  • Enhanced communication skills by unlocking new levels of personal and professional growth
  • Invaluable opportunities to learn from experienced professionals
  • Increase confidence to express yourself with clarity and impact
  • Tools to captivate your audiences and leave a lasting impression
  • Supportive and encouraging environment that nurtures your unique speaking style while equipping you with practical techniques to captivate, inspire, and persuade.

Embark on this journey and witness the power of your voice as you become a captivating professional speaker capable of influencing and inspiring others.

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The Speakers Academy can help you to…

Become an effective communicator for conferences, workshops and seminars
Unleash your full potential and make a lasting impact on others
Increase self confidence and develop a strong presence
Learn proven techniques for structuring and delivering impactful messages

Meet the Speakers Academy Convenors and Coaches

Lindsay Adams OAM CSP is the CEO of 24×7 Assessments, he specialises in understanding people and bringing out the best in people. He is an Australian Hall of Fame speaker and has served as the National President of PSA and International President of the Global Speakers Federation.

Amanda Lambros, CSP. When relationships mater, look no further. With over two decades of experience, she’s an award-winning speaker, author, and facilitator. Amanda has helped clients
globally to develop their mental health and wellbeing strategy to connect, increase productivity and create supportive workplaces.

Chris Wildeboer, Professional Member, your Catalyst for Change, inspires and motivates leaders to get out of their own way. She has been nominated for multiple awards, coauthored a bestselling book and loves working with clients globally. Chris has helped 1000’s of clients to gain new perspectives both personally and professionally.

Sally Foley-Lewis MBA, CSP, FILP helps middle managers be productive leaders. She’s a global, multi-award winning Certified Speaking Professional, author and facilitator who’s helped over 20,000 middle managers from diverse industries, all over the world be productive and confident leaders.

Who is Speakers Academy for?

Knowing you have a message to share, a passion for the power of communication, a drive to help grow and develop others, Speakers Academy offers comprehensive training and resources to help you become a confident and captivating speaker, backed up with the tools to guide your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Public Speaking Enthusiasts
  • Facilitators and Trainers in Transition
  • Coaches and Consultants
  • Authors and Thought Leaders
  • Event Organisers
  • Professionals Transitioning from Corporate Careers
  • Small Business Owners

Your Speakers Academy Road Map

Through Speakers Academy you will get the knowledge, tips and strategies for the foundation of a healthy speaking business. The program is designed to ensure you start right; have the support you need to do the work in developing a thriving business.


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Your Speakers Academy Program Overview


Two Day Summit

Unlock the secrets of building a thriving professional speaking business at Speakers Academy program kick-off two-day conference. Gain insider knowledge from industry experts, master the art of captivating storytelling, discover proven marketing strategies, and network with influential speakers. Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to accelerate your career and elevate your speaking business to new heights.

VALUE $3,000

9 months group coaching

Time, support and accountability ! Transform your speaking business with the 9 month intensive coaching program. Work closely with seasoned professionals who will guide you through every step of the journey, from crafting compelling speeches to securing highpaying gigs. Don’t settle for mediocrity, invest in your success and become a sought-after speaker in no time.

VALUE $15,000

Resources and networking in a private FB group

Join the Speakers Academy private Facebook group and get access to a comprehensive workbook to kickstart your professional speaking business. Connect with like-minded individuals, receive personalised guidance from industry experts, and gain valuable insights through interactive discussions. Accelerate your growth, overcome challenges, and achieve your speaking goals with the support of our thriving community. You also can attend all PSA events at the member rate.

VALUE $15,000

Graduation and alumni session at PSA national convention

Experience the ultimate culmination of your journey at the PSA national convention. Celebrate your graduation from our comprehensive program and potentially showcase your newfound skills to a diverse audience of industry professionals. Network with influential speakers, engage in thought provoking sessions, and elevate your career to new heights at this prestigious event.

VALUE $2,000

Your Investment Includes

✔️ Attendance at the 2-day Speakers Academy Summit

✔️ 9 months coaching

✔️ Access to the private Speakers Academy Facebook Group

✔️ Workbook and added resources

✔️ Attendance at all state and national events at member rates

$2497 incl GST – Non-members

$1997 incl GST – Members / GSF Members

$2197 incl GST – Combination offer: Your first 12 months of membership to PSA as an Associate Member plus Speakers Academy


Still have questions? Read our FAQ’s here