Speakers Academy – FAQ’s

The Speakers Academy Program features:


17th – 18th May 2024: 2-Day Online Summit

An invaluable opportunity to accelerate your career and elevate your speaking business.

Two days of excellent expert advice and tips and strategies from the best in the industry.

More than ten professional speakers coming together to accelerate your career. This will be conducted online so you can access this event from anywhere. Our speakers will cover each core competency:


Performance                                                   Professional Awareness

Operating the Business                                 Business Development

Content Development                                    Professional Relationships

Platform Mechanics                                        Product Development


Each session will be followed by the opportunity to discuss and develop the competency specifically for you.


Monthly Coaching

Conducted online, these 2-hour sessions will be focusing on answering your questions, providing insights and guidance. This will be a safe space to share, learn and ensure you are driving your speaking career toward success.


May 2024: Private Facebook Group

Connect with like-minded individuals and receive personalised guidance.


10th June 2024: Content Development – Group Online Coaching

7pm – 9pm AEST

Demonstrate expert knowledge, critical and diverse thinking and relevance through your capacity to produce and curate valid content.


8th July 2024: Operating the Business – Group Online Coaching

7pm – 9pm AEST

Develop and implement business strategies that ensure the success of ongoing management of the speaking business.


12th August 2024: Product Development – Group Online Coaching

7pm – 9pm AEST

Develop relevant products from original intellectual property and thinking.


9th September 2024: Platform Mechanics – Group Online Coaching

7pm – 9pm AEST

Create the more appropriate environment for delivering your message.


14th October 2024: Business Development – Group Online Coaching

7pm – 9pm AEST

Build and maintain a brand that supports effective, professional and profitable sales.


11th November 2024: Professional Awareness – Group Online Coaching

7pm – 9pm AEST

Maintain awareness of current business and market trends, and best practice to deliver exceptional experiences.


9th December 2024: Professional Relationships – Group Online Coaching

7pm – 9pm AEST

Build and sustain professional business and network relationships with integrity and respect.


10th February 2025: Performance – Group Online Coaching

7pm – 9pm AEST

Master the art of communication for a positive impact on the communities you serve.


March 2025: Alumni Meeting 

The last official meeting of all participants prior to graduation to reflect on the year and connect with one another. This meeting will be held at the PSA National Convention.


March 2025: Graduation

The culmination of your journey will be celebrated at the PSA National Convention


Once you’re registered and we get underway with the program you will receive a workbook. You’ll also have access to an online platform to add your unique questions to help ensure you receive personalised guidance.


Cohort Numbers:

We have not limited the number of attendees, we believe the more participants in the program, the more mutual support and networking will benefit you and your business.


Through Speakers Academy you will get the knowledge, tips and strategies for the foundation of a healthy speaking business. The program is designed to ensure you start right; have the support you need to do the work in developing a thriving business.