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April Meeting Notes – copy

April Board Meeting

Held: Thursday 26th 2018
Frequency: 4th Thursday of Month
: Zoom Conference Call 7pm-945pm
President: Tarran Deane

The key items were:

  • Board Vacancies: We retain our commitment to effective governance, gender diversity and CSP representation when seeking to fulfil Board vacancies. If you are interested in serving, please send a one page application addressing the above 3 points to and detail the skills and value you would bring to the board


  • Financial Position: We are in a good position and are exercising due diligence with our finances. We are able to pay debts as they fall due.


  • #PSAConvention18: Post-convention survey feedback and outstanding invoice items have largely been received and the Board & #PSAConvention19 Convenor will be going through the Survey responses for improvements and recognition.


  • #PSAConvention19: Amanda Stevens CSP our Convention Convenor has been working behind the scenes designing the Speaker Program with a high touch, value-add experience planned. I cannot wait!
    Theme: “You are the MESSAGE!”. Rich with various ‘streams’ to customise
    Venue: Peppers Resort & Spa Hotel, Salt, Kingscliff New South Wales, 20 minutes south of Coolangatta Gold Coast Airport & NSW Border
    Accommodation: PSA has agreed to a number of room nights as part of the #PSAConvention19 package. This ensures direct service and support via own Conference and Event Manager at Peppers Salt Resort.Contact the office for your unique booking code once you have completed your convention registration form
    Register: Visit our website for more details and to register
    Site Visits: Tarran and Brett Dashwood – Sponsorship Coordinator, visited the property and discussed range of value-add and sponsorship possibilities.


Meeting Notes Aligning with Our Core 8 Competencies as They Apply to the Business of PSA 

    1. Professional Awareness
      Service Succession Planning at State Chapter level is a focus and we welcome your expressions of interest in serving. Please liaise with your Chapter President and Chapter Leadership team to find out how you may be able to help right now and into the future.
    2. Professional Relationships
      GSF: have had their meeting and the Board will receive the Report via email.
      Media Appearances: nil this month
      Upcoming Conventions: May – APS Singapore is on. July – #Influence18 in Dallas, Texas. The PSA President will represent us at this event
    3. Topic Development – 
      Chapter Event Program:
       well done to all Chapters on a fantastic month
      Chapter Event Pricing: the focus is on achieving consistent event pricing around the country in line with our members joining the whole organisation vs. one chapter. SA is tracking towards that well.
      What’s Coming Up Next: September 2018 National Roadshow by Ian Stephens CSP focusing on Sales and Marketing. This Roadshow is in addition to monthly Chapter events. Keep watching for the latest updates on the Events Calendar as they’re uploaded
      Guest Speakers & PSA Non Pitch Environments: we are revisiting the integrity of our Chapter Events as “No Pitch” environments for non-PSA programs after receiving CSP feedback that they are becoming ‘pitch fests’. We’d love to hear your feedback. Send us your comments to  subject line #eventfeedback
    4. Platform Mechanics – 
      AV Equipment: confirmed approval for Queensland to replace AV equipment as a result of stocktake responses completed by all Chapter Presidents
      Event Styles:
    5. Presenting & Performing – ongoing
      Getting to Professional Member (PM) Webinars 
    6. Authorship & Development – ongoing
      website updates will be occurring including uploading of Core 8 Competencies in the next week to our documents area
    7. Sales & Marketing – PSA Market Penetration
      Reviewed all Convention launch results for PSAConvention19, Platform Professionals and Boost!
      Platform Professionals 2018: August 17-19 >
      Registrations are at 42/50 available spots. Invite your industry speaking colleagues who may meet the eligibility criteria and let’s give them a taste of PSA! It’s a not to be missed opportunity for our CSPs, and industry professional with revenue of more than $300k+ of presentation generated revenue.BOOST! Coaching Program:  April Intake #01 is underway! This is such a fantastic Coaching Program for Professional Members – and CSPs – I had the pleasure of joining their first Group Coaching ZOOM Call and welcoming everyone.

      If you’d like to join the September/October Intake #02 you can learn more about BOOST! right here and increase your sales!


    8. Managing the Business
      We’re hoping to finalise all the changeover documentation early May for Bank signatures and government reporting. Special thanks to Manpreet Singh Company Secretary who gives more than her 2 hours per month!


This covers the key points arising from our board meeting. As always, we welcome any ideas, thoughts or feedback you may have about our association and what we can do to support you better.


Thanks for being part of the Professional Speakers Australia community!

Warm regards





Tarran Deane

2018 PSA President

Tarran Deane President Professional Speakers Australia 2018 - Leadership Speaker, Executive Coach, Author, Change & Communication Consultant. Book Tarran today via










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As a reminder, your 2018 PSA Board are comprised of:

The Executive:

      • Tarran Deane – National President | Chair | Director
      • Russell Pearson – Vice President | Director
      • In Progress – Interim Treasurer


      • Tony Eades –  also serving in Interim Executive Role
      • Peter Merrett
      • Vacant
      • Vacant

Company Secretary

    • Manpreet Singh

Phone: 1300 739 993 or 03 9844 5511 | | P.O. Box 448 Warrandyte, Victoria, 3113 | Fax: 1300 766 673

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