CSP Pathway


Professional Members of PSA can now access CSP Pathway which launches in February 2022.  If you are committed to building a sustainable business with revenues consistently in excess of $100,000 per year,  you may qualify to join a select group of Professional Members on an 8 month program and be mentored by some of the most business savvy CSP’s in the business.  Success is your business, and we are all individuals – but there are definitely success patterns in our profession.  We’ll make sure you know what they are and support you in following them.

Our CSP Pathway curriculum includes:

  1. LEADERSHIP: Your speaker business model, with purpose, vision and values
  2. RESEARCH: Enquiry and planning to make sure your offering is commercially viable
  3. PRODUCT BUILD: developing your keynotes/workshops/programs for profit
  4. MARKETING: ensuring you are active in your target market and on message
  5. SALES: creating relationship, meeting needs, knowing your value, selling from stage – note this is a foundational module, and will lead you into BOOST!
  6. DELIVERY: gaining the confidence of a pro in your stage/screen craft
  7. SERVICE: ensuring you optimise the value of your client base, building relationships
  8. MANAGEMENT: all the work behind the scenes that builds a sustainable business

The program structure consists of:

  • You will receive a short video and a text action guide each month, 2 weeks before your group coaching session to allow implementation.
  • You have an initial 1-1 meeting with a CSP Speaker Business Mentor to develop ideal outcomes and strategy for your individual business model.
  • You will be invited to attend eight monthly group coaching sessions via Zoom. You’ll get to share and learn with other Pathway participants to support implementation and maintain accountability.
  • Your eight text action guides are for you to follow, step by step, to get results
  • We are planning quarterly events on zoom with international level speakers for Pathway participants – where you can ask very experienced people for their thoughts and ideas.
  • You will also be given additional two private sessions with your Speaker Business Mentor, at a time mutually agreed. You may also access additional time with them, if you want to, at their commercial rates.  Our Mentors are all successful CSPs.

Our Mentors are all successful CSP’s.  Our Project Leaders are:

  • Catherine Palin-Brinkworth CSP, HoF, Life Member,Global Speaking Fellow
  • Lindsay Adams OAM CSP, HoF, Life Member, Global Speaking Fellow
  • Gary Edwards CSP, Hof,  Accreditation Chair

The Program Fee is officially $1500 plus $150 GST = $1650 AUD.  For our first cadre only, we are offering it to our Professional Members at $900 plus $90 GST = $990 AUD.   In this initial intake you can also pay via a payment plan of 4 instalments of $300 totalling $1200 including GST.  We are confident that if you are seriously committed, you’ll get 10X your fee back within a year. If you’re counting every cent at present, that is the very reason you need to do this work, to raise your speaking revenue and build a sustainable business.

Learn from those who have done it and are still doing it, in a safe, supportive, confidential environment.  And we’ll celebrate your growth on our Convention platform when you receive your Certified Speaking Professional accreditation.

Watch this video to find out more: