Therese Tarlington

Therese Tarlinton is so passionate about brands collaborating on marketing, that she wrote the book on how to do it. SWAP! Marketing without Money flew into the Amazon #1 Best Seller in Small Business spot and has ignited a movement where brands are gaining visibility, industry credibility, and improved profitability by working together. Therese knows what it feels like to be a small business owner and has advised many over the last 15 years.

She created a start-up that grew into a business in five countries manufacturing for Jeep, Sesame Street, and United Colors of Benetton using the power of marketing partnerships to grow. After selling that company, Therese works with the big brands creating campaigns by collaborating with other businesses. She loves the power of storytelling, and has launched hundreds of products across digital, retail, and events working with Minolta, GraysOnline, Glasshouse Candles, McGrath, Gyprock, and partnered with TV shows including, The Living Room, The Block, and Selling Houses Australia.