PSA Un-Convention 2022

Un-Speakers & Sessions

Meet your Un-Conventional learning gurus and experience masters.

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Allan Parker OAM

Calming Conversations: From battle zones to school zones, invaluable insight into the neuroscience & biology of staying calm in crisis short and long term….virtually….with a full diary

  • 2019 Queens Birthday Honours Recipient of the Order of Australia – for contribution to business and more particularly Dispute Resolution
  • Honourary Life Member Australian Dispute Resolution Association
  • Designer and writer of Australia’s first degree in Negotiation in 2012; approved 2013.
  • Recipient of the Nevin Award, Australia’s Highest award for Professional Speakers
  • Recipient of the Australian National Speakers Association Educator of the year.
  • 1999 awarded honourary Adjunct Professor by the College of Law and Business, University of Western Sydney for contribution to the field of Negotiation and Dispute Management

Angelique Rewers

How Speakers, Consultants, Coaches & Experts Can Win Big Corporate Clients

CEO and Founder of BoldHaus – an Inc. 5000 Company; called the “undisputed champion at helping small business land big clients,” by Inc. Magazine

Ani Anderson and Brian Trzaskos

Motivation Matrix: Helping you unlock your stuck energy to reveal the hidden blind spots that keep you from succeeding

Co-Founders, the Somatic Coaching Academy

Brian Walter CSP CPAE

Extreme Panels: How to make the dreaded panel discussion NOT suck!

President of Extreme Meetings, providing customized infotainment to make meetings memorable

Chris Huet

Unleashing the Poet Within: Using poetic techniques to make your voice more memorable.

Former fighter pilot, award-winning spoken word artist and two-time TEDx presenter

Dale Beaumont

10 New Tech Tools to Super-Charge Your Speaking Business.

Like it or not technology is now part of every business, yes including your speaking one. And if you want to get more done in less time, you must make technology your friend. Join award-winning entrepreneur, Dale Beaumont, as he shares with you 10 new ‘tech tools’ that every speaker should know about and be using. Dale assures us this presentation will blow your mind

Gihan Perera CSP

OBS and Streamdeck

Digital disruption, the global pandemic, and the changing workplace affect us all, and at all levels – individual, team, organisation, and community. Gihan Perera is a futurist, online presenter, conference speaker, and author who gives you a glimpse into what’s ahead – and shows you how to become fit for the future in a fast-changing world.

Ian Stephens CSP

The Sales Emphasis Model – Converting Pipeline Opportunities with ease and flow.

Multi-award winning speaker and prolific author, Ian is ‘The Sales Mastery Guy’. During this session he will serve up a practical tool, framework and structure he uses to guide his thinking and behaviour when it comes to converting potential contracts/engagements into ‘BOOKED!’ In this interactive session, expect to be workshopping the tool in small break-out groups in order to get clear on your next tactical move to convert an actual opportunity you have in your pipeline.

Stoolies – The Main Event

Methodology UN-leashed

You know them, you love them. Our former Educators of the Year will be back to host one of our most popular sessions of our annual event. Get ready to be inspired and equipped with ‘process’ and ‘methodology’ tips we can use immediately to educate and draw out the learnings from our audiences.

Stoolies Breakout Sessions

Stoolies UN-tested, UN-der Pressure and UN-packed!

At least 6 of our previous ‘Educator of the Year Award’ recipients will collaborate in an unconventional way; 3 pairs of our top educators will be presenting and unpacking with only hours notice of a crowd-sourced topic. One will present, the other will unpack in a discussion around the process with plenty of Q & A.

James Anderson

ATEM mini

International speaker, author and educator who is passionate about helping fellow educators develop those they lead as better learners

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Brand Of You

Jeffrey Hayzlett is the primetime television host of C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett and Executive Perspectives LIVE on C-Suite TV and is the host of the award-winning All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett on C-Suite Radio. Hayzlett is a global business celebrity, Hall of Fame speaker, Chairman and CEO of C-Suite Network, home of the world’s most trusted network of C-Suite leaders and best-selling author. His most recent book is The Hero Factor: How Great Leaders Transform Organizations and Create Winning Cultures.

Johnnie Moore

Unhurried Conversations: How to listen better and connect more deeply

Co-founder of Creative Facilitation, visiting tutor on the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme at the Saïd Business School and occasional contributor to Fast Company magazine.

photo of Jon yeo looking to side

Jon Yeo

Influencing from the small screen, what TEDx tips translate well over Zoom (or similar)

Licensee and Curator of TEDxMelbourne

Joyce Ong

All About Cameras – co-hosted with Melinda Hird

Joyce is an international photographer, video producer, best-selling author and educator. Her company, New Heights Media, works with brands including OzHarvest, Sony Music, Virgin Unite, and Johnson & Johnson.

Julian Mather

Influencing from the small screen, what TEDx tips translate well over Zoom (or similar)

Virtual has changed how the speaking industry operates. Production quality for a session is now born by the speaker, not the organisation. The zoom honeymoon is over. It’s time to raise your virtual game. Those with engaging virtual sessions win.  If you feel confused and overwhelmed by technology then this session is for you. Video and virtual expert Julian Mather demystifies Ecamm for Mac users.  Is Ecamm right for me? What can I do with Ecamm? What else do I need? How much should I spend? Where can I get help?  This session for new users will take you from feeling left behind to feeling like you are back in the drivers seat of your speaking business.  Note: Ecamm is for Mac only. The concepts shared here will be valuable for PC users too. 

Karen Tui Boyes CSP

How to Build Online Summits: Massive lead generation or significant revenue – both are possible

Twice awarded NZ Educator of the Year and 2013 & 2019 NZ Speaker of the Year

Kathryn Williams

Sell Your Ideas: How to use the 4-step Ideas Lifecycle™ to legally protect and value your intellectual property

Managing Director, KMint

Keith Abraham CSP

Growing a Global Business in the Virtual World – The 3 Simple Steps Securing Sustainable, Profitable and Predictable Revenue

Designer of business growth programs for companies around the world

Leanne Christie

Learning to work with bureaus

Known as the Chief of Everything O and often referred to as the Fairy Godmother of the Speaking Industry, Leanne Christie has transformed the businesses of thousands of professional speakers, educators and trainers across the world.

Leanne is the founder of Standing Ovations, Ode Management and Ovations International Speaker’s bureau, one of the most respected and established Speakers Bureaus in Australia.

Leanne has served on the board of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus.

A pioneering entrepreneur with more than thirty six years of experience in the speaking industry, Leanne is the go-to source of knowledge for many professional speakers.

Leon Flitton & Samantha Riley

Create Your Own Stage Through Podcasting

What will be covered:

  • To podcast or not to podcast?
  • 3 ways to use your podcast with clients and prospects
  • How to successfully produce and market your podcast

Lights, Camera, Action, Tech!

Since March 2020 we have had to learn to be our own AV techs. This series of mini-master classes are designed to help you get up to speed on all things tech with everything you need to deliver your content in the virtual world. Our sessions will include:

  • ATEMMiniPro
  • Stream Deck
  • Professional Cameras
  • Microphones
  • OBS
  • eCamm
  • New Platforms such as Wonder and Airmeet
  • Using your iPhone to its best advantage
  • Are we missing something? If you have either desire to learn or expertise to teach something we haven’t covered above let us know!

Marianna Pascal CSP

The Audience Journey: Think Like a Movie Director to Craft Compelling Keynotes

Canadian former actor, and #2 Borders Bestselling author for non-fiction, One of the 50 most watched TEDx Talk speakers with over 27 million views worldwide. Voted one of the 10 Favourite Female Speakers worldwide by Toastmasters International, along with Oprah Winfrey, Brene Brown and Indira Gandhi.

Melinda Hird

All about cameras – co-hosted with Joyce Ong

Leading personal brand photographer and video producer.

Michael McQueen CSP

TBD – but whatever it is, you know it will be good!

Multi-award winning speaker, trend forecaster and bestselling author of 9 books

Dr Neryl East CSP

Create your own speaking opportunities by building an online community

Former Olympics announcer, crisis communicator and author of 5 books

photo of boy looking at watch next to a rocket

The Ron Tacchi Masterclass – For BOOST! Alumni members

Exclusive Masterclass for all Boost alumni.

Rosie Yeo

Go for Bold: Three simple questions to supercharge your plans for 2022.

Go to strategist for boards, executive teams and business leaders

Sarah Cordiner

Keynotes to Courses: How to maximise your impact and income with an online course or coaching program

Qualified Education Consultant & Course Creation Specialist

Scott Dutton CSP

Alternative Online Platforms

Breakthrough Speaker of the Year 2021.  A conflict resolution + communication + culture F2F trainer and speaker.

Scott’s business has boomed as a result of his strong online facilitation skills, creative and entertaining use of technology, and an ability to take his topic into the realms where they were required.

Steve Lowell CSP

Becoming “The One”: How to disqualify your competition by positioning yourself as the only logical choice in your field

President, Global Speakers Federation
Award-Winning International Speaker
3x #1 International Best-Selling Author
Co-Founder of Deep Thought Strategy and The Perfect Sales System

Tony Eades CSP

Scaling up: How to focus on growth when everything around you is in freefall

Brand futurist and go to commentator on brand strategy for Australia’s leading media outlets

Warwick Merry CSP CVP

How to Master the Art of Facilitation and Hosting

Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Certified Virtual Presenter (CVP) and the Past National President of Professional Speakers Australia