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PSA 8 Professional Competencies

As the industry Peak Body, PSA holds fast to our 8 Core Competencies, Core Values and Professional Code of Conduct, providing certainty to any event organiser and meeting planner while helping you to remain focused on a framework that will support your business now and future-proof you for the years ahead.

  1. Professional Awareness
  2. Professional Relationships
  3. Content Development
  4. Platform Mechanics
  5. Performance
  6. Product Development
  7. Business Development
  8. Operating the Business

Features and Benefits of Professional Membership
Professional Speakers Australia is dedicated to supporting professional speakers in the continuing development of their speaking craft and business.

Below is a list of features and benefits that PSA membership offers designed to fulfil this purpose.

Discounted Registration to PSA Events and Programs

National Online Events
PSA delivers monthly, high quality, National Online Events featuring amazing speakers and the opportunity to discuss the content. These are included as a benefit of membership.


State Chapter Meetings
Each of the five PSA Chapter groups (NSW|ACT, QLD|NT, VIC|TAS, WA and SA) run regular events (usually monthly) which are a great opportunity to make local industry connections with fellow speakers and learn from featured expert presenters.



National Convention
The PSA flagship event of the year, our annual convention is typically held in late March or early April. It features leading International and Australian speakers and provides a great opportunity for members to enjoy outstanding professional development, meet the key players in the speaking industry and network with your peers. Convention is a life-changing and career-defining event not to be missed.


International Events
Associate members are entitled to book, pay and attend all international events with the 16 affiliated Global Speakers Federation member associations.  This means members can travel to and attend international events at that association’s member rates.


Knowledge Bank

PSA Knowledge Bank is a member-only online platform for helping speakers realise their unique vision of success. It is PSA’s constantly growing learning and development hub and covers all elements of PSA’s 8 Core Competencies in addition to other courses and resources for running a thriving speaking business.

BOOST! Virtual Group Coaching Program
A PSA Owned 6 month Coaching System that Accelerates Speaking Productivity & Profits which is available on application only.

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CSP Pathway
To support speakers on their journey to Certified Speaking Professional, we provide an 8 month program – CSP Pathway. Led by some of Australia’s most experienced speakers with international standing, we provide videos, text action guides and group coaching on our 8 Competencies aligned with the 8 Essentials for business growth.

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Watch this space for more upcoming professional development programs designed specifically for Professional Members!


To check out all the other benefits, log into the member area of the PSA website here.


Rules for Use of Membership Status & PSA Logo in Marketing and Promotion

The National Board has issued these Rules for the guidance of members in their dealings with the market. These Rules are designed to ensure fairness, clarity and simplicity, and to avoid the market being misled in any material way. These Rules apply to all forms of marketing and information supplied to users and potential users of the services of professional speakers.

All members are also reminded that their behaviours are bound in general terms by the PSA’s ethical rules and by Commonwealth and State Legislation, particularly the Trade Practices Act and its prohibition on ‘false and misleading conduct’ and the equivalent Fair Trading Acts in the various States, which contain similar prohibitions.

Professional Members and Certified Speaking Professionals will be listed on the Professional Speakers Australia website.


Branding – Colours
The PSA digital badge can only be used in the colours it is provided in – i.e. PSA Royal, PSA Navy or White.


Professional Members

  1. Are permitted to use the PSA Logo in any materials approved by the National Board
  2. Are permitted to advertise or promote that they are Professional Members of PSA
  3. Are permitted to include in their curriculum vitae words to the following effect:

▪ “Professional Member of PSA”

▪ “Has qualified as a Professional Member of PSA”.

  1. Are permitted to say in correspondence that they are bound by the Rules of PSA.
  2. Are not permitted to say that they are in the highest category of membership of PSA, or words to that effect.


Are permitted to advertise or promote that they are a Professional Member of PSA with use of the officially provided PSA Professional Member digital membership badge.

digital badge

Other useful info:

Code of Conduct

Values in Action

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